Tortuously [adverb]

Definition of Tortuously:

with extreme care

Synonyms of Tortuously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tortuously:


Sentence/Example of Tortuously:

Cautiously, tortuously, they made their way ahead for what seemed like ages, pausing frequently to listen.

They crept on tortuously in serpentine curves through the long, dry grasses.

Breathes there a man so tortuously afflicted with Strabismus that he doesn't see it?

On the testimony of his own letters it is clear he did not mind how tortuously and perfidiously he worked.

A planet is said to ascend directly, when in a direct sign; but tortuously, when in a tortuous sign.

The process is tortuously slow, but the gestation of a new humanity cannot be hurried by impatience.

Mrs. Martin had slowly and tortuously worked up to her climax, and she shot forth the last sentence with a jubilant ring.

After a third defeat this thread seemed to guide me to daylight from a tortuously winding cavern.