Torturing [verb]

Definition of Torturing:

upset or hurt severely

Synonyms of Torturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torturing:

Sentence/Example of Torturing:

His sad, pock-marked face had a torturing fascination for her.

Oh, what a torturing, doubt-raising, perplexing thing this Love was!

"You have been torturing him," she cried, and her words were hard and fierce, her eyes blazing.

We have not been torturing him, though I confess that we were on the point of putting him to the question.

And yet, what home-coming could have brought him such a torturing joy as was now his?

One way or the other she must at once dispel this torturing doubt.

Slowly, with torturing slowness, the leaden-grey winter days creep by.

The din in the heavens, the torturing heat so fierce and painful.

Was that the celebrated charge of torturing a British subject?

Speak of the torturing agony of the lover, for which I can vouch.