Torturous [adjective]

Definition of Torturous:


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Sentence/Example of Torturous:

He knew where the dock was, but the way thither was difficult and torturous.

It was an endless night, torturous with cold and uncertainty.

Carrying a heavy pack down such a grade exerted a torturous strain upon the backs of the legs.

She was able to right herself to her knees, and after a torturous five minutes reached the fireplace.

Heaven help us, I thought, if we had to lie on that torturous stuff for fifteen hours!

The hush holding it was like the drawn breath of a victim waiting the first turn of the torturous wheel.

When all was in readiness a Negro sergeant in the British service was seized, and put to a torturous death.

Somewhere over in those mountains Angel Gonzales was wending a torturous path to meet him.

The "politic handling" failed, which the cardinal had thought so skilful, and which had been so torturous.

Some of the accused were placed on an iron pale, which slowly cut into their body, and resulted in a slow, torturous death.