Tot [noun]

Definition of Tot:


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Sentence/Example of Tot:

But so it is,—tot genera hominum,—so many kinds of whist-players are there!

As soon as the men came on board, a tot of grog was served out, all round.

I drank a very little—the first and last "tot" I took during the battle.

Anna is so fond of Tot, that she will not let a cat come into the room where he is.

The curate took the coffee but refused the tot, although the non-com.

This tot was marching to the verse rhythm, just as he would have marched to music.

Go and tell Deep Sea and fetch the brickies, and get they on tot.

At stand-down in the dawn (hours afterwards) he was sipping his tot of rum.

Slid, I will put him tot:I can be but denied: or what say you?

Now a Council is nothing to a tot of four; just a man or two, standing around.