Toting [verb]

Definition of Toting:


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Sentence/Example of Toting:

He fixed it so as we could both go in with aperns on and toting vittles.

We kids use to make extra money by toting gravel in our aprons.

"If they think we're dead ducks they won't be toting the launcher," Prochaska said.

The women were to do the rest, even to toting the meat to our camp.

Why, it seems only a year ago that I was toting her about on my shoulders!

He must have been toting some bundle along, and couldn't well carry the boy too.

Now Tom will take care of himself and won't need any toting.

But I was going to say, what's to hinder me from toting that boy to my home?

You'll all be toting guns and grudges and trying to lynch each other.

As the way was almost entirely down hill, there was very little of what the mountaineer called "toting" to be done.