Totters [verb]

Definition of Totters:

move falteringly

Synonyms of Totters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Totters:

Sentence/Example of Totters:

The virtue contained in the things will cause him to totter.

"He air gone," she said chokingly, coming forward with a totter.

There was a great shock, and the cabin seemed to totter on the brink of the chasm.

Now he could totter off with a light heart and get a bite of lunch.

He now is seen to reel and totter to his cabin, late at night oftentimes.

The pillars of state of English orthography at least seemed destined to totter.

Taking his stick, however, he managed to totter out of the cave.

I was cold and trembling; I could only totter forward and throw myself on the sofa.

As soon as he could totter forth, Beck hastened to his crossing.

But it is important that it should not only totter in the external but also in the internal man.