Touchdown [noun]

Definition of Touchdown:

a goal in football

Synonyms of Touchdown:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touchdown:


Sentence/Example of Touchdown:

Williams missed the goal after the touchdown by some ten yards.

With Williams out of the game it was a touchdown or nothing.

It seemed after I'd made that touchdown that he'd ought to let me play the game out.

It was said afterward that a half-inch decided that touchdown.

I guess there were as many as two hundred Chautauqua salutes after that touchdown.

The first football game was played and Hugo made a touchdown.

A few minutes later their opponents made a second touchdown.

"Touchdown, touchdown," sang out the Harvard Freshmen supporters.

The game was a hard one, and neither side could score a touchdown.

A Chehalis man caught it and carried it across for a touchdown.