Touche [noun]

Definition of Touche:


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Sentence/Example of Touche:

That is euyn as very a touche of a pharesey as any can be.Cannius.

Then, without allowing him time to shape an answer, "Touche!"

Tout autre malheur ne me touche plus fortement: mais celui-l me touche au cur et aux entrailles.

Seulement, cette originalit, par bien des saillies, touche celle de Tristan Corbire.

So I call that triangle drawen in a circle, whose corners do touche the circumference of the circle.

Then at the ende of eche semidiameter, I draw a touche line, whiche shall make righte angles with the semidiameter.

Ce gage d'amitié plus qu'un autre me touche: Un serrement de main vaut dix serments de bouche.

Touche concludes his article with the statement that it is certain that the effect is not curative but it is actually palliative.

At the touche--touche I touched him in two places at the same allonge, and threw his foil from him several feet.

For by fayrnesse they fede the syghte: and playseth the smelle by odour, the touche by softe handlynge.