Toucher [adjective]

Definition of Toucher:

hostile, rude

Opposite/Antonyms of Toucher:

Sentence/Example of Toucher:

And it is here as in the court, where the nearest are most spited, and all blows aimed at the toucher.

In trades we get Fuller in the south, Tucker (toucher) in the west, and Walker in the north.

A bowl, however, that is forced on to the jack by another is not a toucher.

The player touched when this is said has to run after the toucher with all his might.

Toucher was the officer on watch, and no doubt thought himself lucky in being, at the time, on the other half of the bridge.

But it was a toucher; a little more and these steeds would have been foundered.

Souvent vous ne me semblez pas assez dlicatement tender; or il faut cela dans un roman pour me toucher.

Safe enough—unless the wheel catches one—it was as near as a toucher just then—aren't you going to smoke?

Whoever is touched takes the place of the toucher in the linked couple (Legends of Lancashire, p. 138).

It will show you pretty well how pipped I was when I tell you that I near as a toucher put on a white tie with a dinner-jacket.