Touchstone [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Touchstone:

Fictions or realities, could they survive the touchstone of this atom of common sense?

Descartes therefore made evidence the touchstone of certainty.

I shall have a double respect for his opinion, for this is the touchstone of a man's honesty.

For Vere's eyes were surely a touchstone to discover honesty.

The answer does not satisfy Socrates, who fears that he is losing his touchstone.

You can test it now, and by a touchstone that cannot deceive.

It is especially her own, and it is the touchstone by which a true heart tests all others.

The bridegroom's offering to the clergyman is indeed the touchstone of his refinement.

What is the test, the touchstone, by which we can tell to which class any value belongs?

The touchstone of most animals is the nose, and not the eye.