Toughened [verb]

Definition of Toughened:


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Sentence/Example of Toughened:

The blow was too weak to hurt this toughened veteran of countless battles.

Before the toughened bearing of the hirelings he doubts what manner to assume.

The will must be exercised in rejecting and accepting that its fiber may be toughened.

And so bronzed and toughened was his hide that he looked to be made out of sole-leather.

Her boys bewildered her as they grew and toughened out of baby fiber.

He was toughened for such experiences, so were the men about him.

The two great turrets are clad with nineteen inches of toughened steel.

Six full months there had broadened, thickened and toughened us.

Here the tough or toughened organisation is usually hopelessly at sea.

Toughened, as were all the men, some of them succumbed under the fearful work.