Toughens [verb]

Definition of Toughens:


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Sentence/Example of Toughens:

He has had no struggles or battles to harden and toughen him.

The small boy was directed to soak his feet in salt water to toughen them.

But my dresses are high-necked, and by bathing I toughen my skin.

The best way, an the easiest an the quickest, to toughen up, is just to toughen up.

Cream spoils the flavor though it does not toughen the egg as does milk.

Soup should not boil very hard, as that has a tendency to toughen the meat.

"We'll live in fur and toughen ourselves," said Ernest Hume.

Their father was convinced that this was the best way to toughen them.

He had fought to toughen his mind and body against such fears.

Out here the greatest pleasure is after the swim to be in the air and let the sun and wind dry and toughen one.