Tougher [adjective]

Definition of Tougher:

sturdy, strong

Synonyms of Tougher:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tougher:

Sentence/Example of Tougher:

There is no tougher man or more resolute fighter in the Army.

I do,—but it is going to be a tougher struggle than any of us expected.

"It's a tougher problem than we ever attacked in Euclid," remarked the younger.

It is tougher than our glass, and chips to a fine razor edge.

“And we eat him too, though his steaks are tougher than cow meat,” laughed Fil.

We had not far to go, but I found it a tougher job than I expected.

But these Cheyennes and Sioux are a tougher breed, they tell me.

“Vernon was a stronger and tougher man than I am,” Lisle went on.

Our flesh is tougher and more solid than thine, yet 'tis not of iron.

Without Helen and Les agreeing to stay, it might have been tougher.