Touring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Touring:

Touring it through the Causses seemed, indeed, beset with difficulties.

She had told Eileen that she might take the touring car and do as she pleased with it.

The remaining one was a touring car and contained the balance of the party.

The town was utterly unknown to them, and they were touring Scotland for the first time.

Then the biplane and the touring car continued on the way to Plankville.

All were soon in the touring car, and once more Dick put on the speed.

The touring car or my roadster are always at your service to take you there.

Penelope, consumed with curiosity, joined the touring party one day.

Very well; hurry up with that touring car and the oil stock, then.

The danger to those dear to us, touring in Honan, was very great.