Tourism [noun]

Definition of Tourism:

travel for pleasure

Synonyms of Tourism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tourism:


Sentence/Example of Tourism:

Those who transmigrate into the bodies of the less fortunate are accused of tourism, voyeurism.

The pollution closes beaches that are vital to San Diego’s tourism economy.

Covid-19 has brought tourism from China to the UK to a standstill.

Even as most domestic air travel routes have opened now, aviation and tourism experts believe that the country is unlikely to resume international commercial flights before October.

Growth is now expected to collapse in many countries especially those dependent on tourism and resources, such as oil and mineral exporters.

Using these biological data, the researchers developed a statistical model to estimate the range of possible payoffs of having otters around for fisheries, carbon sequestration and tourism.

For years too few doctors have seen clearly that gymnastic tourism and sport do more for health than all doctors taken together.

Increasing tourism has resulted in special problems in resort areas.