Tourist [noun]

Definition of Tourist:

person who visits a place

Synonyms of Tourist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tourist:

Sentence/Example of Tourist:

Just then a French tourist came up and accosted us, smiling ruefully.

I will content myself with describing what is in store for the tourist.

The roads—if they can be so called—offer little inducement to the tourist.

She has but reached one of the commonplaces of tourist ventures.

Fandor thought: "This grows interesting: it is quite on the cards that this tourist may be."

How different the spectacle which now meets the eye of the tourist!

It was the end of the tourist season, and the Ben-my-Chree was leaving the harbour.

You see he thought I was here as a tourist; he thinks so still.

We have now conducted the tourist to the chief objects in North Wales.

The tourist puts in everything he sees, truly enough, or thinks he sees.