Tourists [noun]

Definition of Tourists:

person who visits a place

Synonyms of Tourists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tourists:

Sentence/Example of Tourists:

There had been trouble there, and tourists had complained of insults.

And by this time, so far as we knew, all tourists save ourselves had gone.

She glanced at the others—the tourists and the blonde; they were no longer looking at her.

The horses started off with us, trotting in that weary way peculiar to tourists' horses.

Patron of gold mine investors and American tourists in Europe.

Americans are not all the types you have read of or the tourists you have met.

For we are all tourists, in a certain sense, and this world is the most ancient of monuments.

Hadn't all Paris and all the painters and tourists of the world seen them?

When Miss Avery called, I felt we are only a couple of tourists.

The sight of tourists reminded Gino of something he might say.