Tourney [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tourney:

It is hard to quit Paradise for even such a tourney as we have before us.

On the following days the ceremony was prolonged by tilt and tourney.

Was the tourney just; were the weapons equal; was it, after all, a fair fight?

I am all too flummoxed by the masquerade in the tourney round about me.

Then he put on his armour and rode forth to the place of the tourney.

I say you are Robin of Locksley, who did split the Norman's arrow at the tourney.

Robin recognized Midge for the ferret-faced man who had been with Much at the tourney.

There were other rewards for the quarter-staff and single-stick, but this year there would be no tourney.

Well-a-day, if only I can get to London, and see him in the tourney, I shall die of joy.'

To Rochow the tourney was all in all; Herdegen gazed only at Ann.