Touted [verb]

Definition of Touted:

brag about, show off

Synonyms of Touted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touted:

Sentence/Example of Touted:

You thought Elisha could win—and you went and touted me on to the other one?

Get it touted right for 'artistic,' and the tanks'll think they like it, even if they don't.

The Duchess of Queensberry "touted" for him everywhere, even at Court.

When he reached the Nadir of shabbiness, he touted in Piccadilly among the cabs, and picked up a few coppers in that way.

If you get it touted to the tank towns that you've got a play with the great religious gonzabo, then your show's a big property.

To resuscitate the whole languishing area, a staggering 30 billion dollars is touted as the minimal bill.

The inside o pouches war than turned out, bottle after bottle was touted owre; we rowed about, and some warsled.

Trying to see what kind of a bloke this touted superman is, Stanton thought.