Touting [verb]

Definition of Touting:

brag about, show off

Synonyms of Touting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touting:

Sentence/Example of Touting:

Or was he only a purist in conduct who disapproved of Jacobus doing his own touting?

I suppose the red-headed mug thinks so too, as she is touting for him.

Domini could scarcely believe that so magnificent a creature was touting for a franc.

"I say I will be touting for no restaurant," I repeated, loudly.

What can be got by touting among the critics is never worth the ignominy.

"Touting for the red-haired bagman," he said, as Ernest could be seen swinging up the path.

Touting for German trade, always for his advantage, he twists the poor half-wit of the Winter Palace like a piece of straw.

Means I'm rich, that I can have my own ponies if I want to, 'stead of touting somebody else's old dogs.

Occasionally, I suffered a little from their pouting and touting; but, in the main, I was happy enough between them.

At the tables beyond, sedulous, touting waiters were hurriedly extracting corks from frosted bottle necks.