Touts [verb]

Definition of Touts:

brag about, show off

Synonyms of Touts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touts:

Sentence/Example of Touts:

They were the touts of the other ship-chandlers, and he placid at my back, ignored their existence.

When he was a racer I trained him in the sea so that none of the touts could spy out his form.

Their touts, like so many leeches, suck the blood of the poor people.

Niagara is the central home and breeding-place for all the touts of earth.

For his touts and advertisers, he can bravely play his part.

Still, France ain't up to my notions of a sporting country; but we was in quiet there—no touts, no interlopers, or anything.

Be quick about it though, for there'll be no odds to speak of when the touts have written to-day's work in the newspapers.

Touts often get into trouble through entering private training-grounds.

Touter, a looker out, one who waits at railway stations and steamboat piers, and touts for customers; a hotel runner.

I met a thing like a mask, something surrounded by touts, that was dully trying—as we say in London—to "come it" over me.