Toward [preposition]

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Sentence/Example of Toward:

He held her hand affectionately in his, and often drew her toward him, that he might kiss her cheek.

The newcomer went quickly, with catlike tread, toward the girl.

Slipping her arm about Evelyn, Grace drew her toward the stairs.

The posse would plunge ahead, and he could cut in toward Los Toros.

And he saw them turn one by one toward him in the moonlight and wait.

In the meantime we are only working toward that end, but toward it we are working.

Sarah agreed briskly, and she hurried on toward the private office.

He reached in his pocket and, pulling out a small box, held it toward her.

"This way," she panted, catching him by the coat, and pulling him toward the window.

Langdon took Diablo by the bridle rein and led him in toward the stalls.