Towards [preposition]

Definition of Towards:

on the way to; near

Synonyms of Towards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Towards:


Sentence/Example of Towards:

A salt lake was visible a few miles to the east, towards which we proceeded.

With his inferior he will not be intimate, nor towards him will he be "proudly condescending."

They turned in towards the river, and we rode down to meet them.

The next morning was Sunday; and I walked out, towards the church.

Towards the image of their friend who broke the laws of God.

But every evening, towards bedtime, she came into the garden to catch Mimi.

We find no one to object to our intrusion, and go on towards the village.

"Come and sit down," she said, and she drew her towards one of the low cushions.

There is one astonishing instance of this towards the end of the drama.

But tell me, Toinette, do you blame the feelings I have towards him?