Towels [noun]

Definition of Towels:

tangle of material, often used to

Synonyms of Towels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Towels:


Sentence/Example of Towels:

He had as little occasion for a towel as Jonas had for a start.

Mr Sweedlepipe turned aside to the towel, and wiped his eyes with it.

Briskly rubbing his gray head with a towel, he was eyeing my evening clothes.

"Damn, my hands are wet," he said aloud, and picked up a towel.

Joe answered with a grating laugh, and then with a burr he applied a towel to his face.

Wonderful, he thought, as the towel stretched and kneaded his stringy muscles.

Then she returned to him with her towel, one end of it wetted and soaped.

The President, with coat off and a towel around his neck, was shaving.

He curled up under the towel, shivered once, and closed his eyes.

But that does not work; not a drop of water will the towel absorb.