Townhouses [noun]

Definition of Townhouses:

tenant-owned apartment house

Synonyms of Townhouses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Townhouses:


Sentence/Example of Townhouses:

The townhouse is also very nobly built, with a high tower to it.

We met them and they brought us to their townhouse, but they never hurt us.

They were frightened and drew near together in the townhouse, and no one whispered.

Each city had its plaza, its townhouse, its officials, and its law-courts.

My brother lodged again at our grand-uncle's, while the Junker dwelt at the Waldstromer's townhouse.

Next day, the magistrates were all assembled in the townhouse before six.

People said that this was because the Nûñnĕ′hĭ had a townhouse and a fire under the mountain.

They went in, and the hole widened as they went, until they came to a large cave like a townhouse.

The duke himself, who watched the execution from a window of the townhouse, wiped his eyes as his victim died.

The Garlies men swarmed up them and with sailorlike agility descended into the big courtyard of the ancient Cassillis townhouse.