Toxins [noun]

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Some of these toxins are excreted unoxidized by the kidneys.

If any toxins were present, the antidote was automatically injected on the site.

The great difficulty is to explain how these toxins originate.

No other physiques can so well withstand the toxins of urban congestion.

Would not the elimination of these toxins render us less liable to disease?

It coincides with, and by liberation of toxins causes, the paroxysm of the disease.

In this sense all substances could be classed as toxins, even the nutrients.

These are all due to the absorption of toxins into the general circulation.

So here he lived, with a man-of-all-work and his man's wife, and daily went from strength to strength in the knowledge of Toxins.

Their presence constitutes a means of defence against the harmful effects the toxins would otherwise produce.