Toying [verb]

Definition of Toying:

play with

Synonyms of Toying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toying:


Sentence/Example of Toying:

"Will you take a chair," said Crane, and he pushed the one he had been toying with toward Mortimer.

He sighed faintly and laid down the rose he had been toying with.

Brander was toying idly with a chain that hung about the woman's neck.

My hand was toying with it when I heard a faint scratching at the door.

One hand was gloved; he was toying gently with the other glove.

There'd been no mention of Nedda as toying with the thought of marrying Hoddan then, of course.

"I'm sure I hope so," said Lennard, toying rather absently with his pencil.

He was toying with a cigar, and wore a monocle and a "stovepipe" hat.

All this Dea Flavia knew, and knowing it found pleasure in toying with his wrath.

In fact, she seemed not to see him, so busy was she toying with her flowers.