Toys [noun]

Definition of Toys:

entertainment article

Synonyms of Toys:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toys:


Sentence/Example of Toys:

Their guns were toys compared with those of the Germans and Austrians.

Are these toys which I have in my hand also cutting instruments?

Here are dealers in toys, cardboard boxes, second-hand books.

Are there not evenings when our toys have no power to please or soothe?

“You need to learn how to take better care of your toys,” his parents said.

And it is not unlikely that some of their toys had amused the youth of their grandfather.

Not only were articles for their comfort made, but toys for the children.

Pomp and ceremonial, popes and kings, are toys for children.

In the morning the hay is gone and toys, nuts, fruit and candy have taken its place.

He picked up a box of trading articles—mirrors, toys and the like.