Tracked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tracked:

"I do not suppose that one case in ten is tracked home," disputed Roland.

I tracked her to a hospital, and presented myself (with your leave) at her bedside.

Thus he had tracked down the traitor and left him in good hands.

On thy life, leave no footprints by which we may be tracked.

And even if by some miracle he and Naomi escaped, they would be tracked to Sugar Loaf.

Had I really pursued the proud path I once tracked out for myself?

I will not be tracked'; and with a proud gesture of his hand he motioned me back.

"Then you've tracked him well," interposed Mark, with an emphasis on the word.

He was tracked to his native country, arrested, and brought back to Derby.

They had watched him, tracked his misdeeds, reported them to Hudig.