Tracking [verb]

Definition of Tracking:

follow, pursue

Synonyms of Tracking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tracking:

Sentence/Example of Tracking:

Moreover, a good stockman gets to be experienced in tracking.

We just stumbled onto you as you were tracking something in the woods.

I have been tracking you since the second day of our acquaintance.'

Now, see again—I tell you they have not been tracking us, and I will prove it.

Danger is to them always lurking and tracking their steps as closely as their shadow.

"The police have been tracking this affair hard," said the doctor slowly.

The men he had been tracking must have visited the camp and gone off again.

He was tracking a head of game after which there would be many hunters.

If there is just the least little fall of snow you can make a big wheel, with spokes in it, by your tracking.

Tracking the Protestants in this way was like "a hunt in a great enclosure."