Tracts [noun]

Definition of Tracts:

area, lot

Synonyms of Tracts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tracts:


Sentence/Example of Tracts:

The business proposed was to buy a tract of land, and subdivide it.

In moving sideways, the Tract or Line must also be considered as to its two sides, viz.

This Tract is only a borrow'd Tract, and which may be drawn any way, as shall be most convenient.

In this tract he invites every man to utter his views on the subject.

There is no shape or proportion in the composition of his tract as it stands.

Of John Blacman or Blakman, the author of our tract, not a great deal is known.

The "small seat," the size of a buffalo skin, became a tract of land.

When he gave to us his Tract on Fasting, he put his initials to it.

This again was a main reason for the publication of Tract 90.

His Tract on Fasting appeared as one of the series with the date of December 21.