Traders [noun]

Definition of Traders:

dealer in goods

Synonyms of Traders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Traders:

Sentence/Example of Traders:

As a general thing, the English are traders and diplomats, rather than soldiers.

Hither flocked merchants and traders from all parts of Europe.

Genoese and Venetian traders came with their stores of Eastern goods.

They caught beaver, bear, and foxes, and sold the furs to the traders.

They are the orderly class, which in a nation of traders is sure to be the richest.

For traders and artisans a moderate gain was, in his opinion, best.

They wish to be traders, cattle-drovers, pig-jobbers, that they may wander from fair to fair.

The mutineers, beach-combers, and traders fell in two by two.

Keep mum about my river when you get amongst the traders again.

Lingard's jealousy, said Babalatchi, kept all the traders out of the river.