Tradesmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tradesmen:

His wife was the daughter of a Taunton tradesman, and of handsome appearance.

Has not your family, Madam, some one tradesman they deal with, who has conveniences of this kind?

How, then, could I face them with the declaration that I meant to become a tradesman?

Someone—not the grocer or a tradesman—was driving to the village.

God is no tradesman that he should chaffer for the forgiveness of sins.

I looked forward to the Sunday, and the tradesman and his wife did not fail me.

You can bear to think of her, slighted for the daughter of an American tradesman.

Such a master goldsmith was no tradesman, in our sense of the word.

You wouldn't be above teaching a tradesman's son to begin with?

On their way back Corona summarised him as "a truly Christian tradesman."