Traditionalism [noun]

Definition of Traditionalism:

strictness, exactness

Opposite/Antonyms of Traditionalism:

Sentence/Example of Traditionalism:

Another danger in an interpreting body is that of traditionalism.

The traditionalism of centuries was opposed to any such view.

But here also there are traditions and a great deal of traditionalism.

Without English traditionalism we should hardly have had the English countryside.

His philosophy is a mixture of pantheistic ontology, rationalism, platonism and traditionalism.

Traditionalism, wherever it is found, is the enemy, because Traditionalism is only another name for indolence.

Still more valuable perhaps is the intuitiveness of rare great minds, their traditionalism and their inherited qualities.

Her philosophic literature knows no mean between the traditionalism of Confucius and the nihilism of Chuang-tz.

The priesthood can gather its people together for war, but its traditionalism and all its methods unfit it for military control.

Naturally, the struggle between the fundamentally opposed tendencies of traditionalism and rationalism was long and bitter.