Traduce [verb]

Definition of Traduce:


Synonyms of Traduce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Traduce:

Sentence/Example of Traduce:

I often found it on my lips to say "Do not traduce me to her!"

The very next day she will embrace, kiss, and traduce you, as if nothing had happened.

It may be that our modern preachers know but little of that which they traduce.

You who call yourself my mother, how dare you traduce me so, you who bore me!

And now he was trying to libel her, to traduce her to her father!

For Grover Cleveland there were no longer enemies to traduce and vilify.

Master March may find it pleasant to traduce us, but sooner or later he'll repent.

Let me not, like most of those who forsake their native country, traduce it.

Who would imagine that such a glorious act of benevolence should ever be made a handle to traduce and vilify the author!

It is incredible the pains I have taken, and the absurd methods I employed, to traduce the character of women of distinction.