Trafficked [verb]

Definition of Trafficked:

buy and sell; do business

Synonyms of Trafficked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trafficked:







Sentence/Example of Trafficked:

That which is beautiful must not be trafficked with, but must only be reverenced and adored.

And besides, Samuel trafficked in sentiments as in native productions.

Was there nothing, nobody, that commercialism did not think for sale and to be trafficked in?

If any Minister had trafficked independently, he was that Minister.

He has trafficked direct, in his own bottoms, with New Zealand.

Men who trafficked in debauchery; these were to be banished.

They looked as dirty and rusty as the iron in which they trafficked.

But of this even the novelist, who trafficked in happy endings, had no suspicion.

When it came to Tabernacles, he trafficked in citrons and "palms."

With us, education is a commodity to be trafficked in: abroad, it is a duty.