Trafficker [noun]

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It is solely to benefit the trafficker, and it tends to evil, evil only, evil continually.

The dealer in fire-arms might have plead as the trafficker in poison does: This is my business.

Wherein does this plea differ from that of the trafficker in ardent spirits?

There was a merchant, a trafficker in gold, called Kichiji of the Third Ward.

They were laws to prevent the producer and the consumer from being cheated by the trafficker.

The unregenerate Teuton was a pirate and a plunderer; the settled Saxon became an oversea trader and trafficker.

There is, indeed, something of the greatness of Falstaff in this trafficker of dead “souls.”

Everywhere they thus laid aside the venerated character of a chief to put on the odious character of a trafficker.

Thus the State places itself before the world as a trafficker in womens bodies for the vilest purposes.

Launched upon the law at a very early age, and quite without protectors, he had become a trafficker in shady affairs.