Trafficking [verb]

Definition of Trafficking:

buy and sell; do business

Synonyms of Trafficking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trafficking:







Sentence/Example of Trafficking:

I did not see that I was often trafficking in unworthiness and baseness.

When the trafficking was taking place, the spirits did not show themselves.

Sieys wrote from Berlin to reproach Talleyrand with trafficking in his honour.

Is it a lie that he is trafficking with Hamilton and the Whig lords to surrender the castle?

It is a poor affair to be trafficking in our evidences, or our anything.

He had no dealings with the trafficking or labouring part of mankind.

There is no thought of trafficking or economizing in labor and in love.

One group as they passed it was trafficking in cigarette cards.

It was in evidence that he was trafficking in appointments and in contracts.

All was kept within a vast network of office-seeking and trafficking.