Tragedian [noun]

Definition of Tragedian:

person who writes for the theater

Synonyms of Tragedian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tragedian:


Sentence/Example of Tragedian:

He was the first tragedian of the Comdie, and the most uncouth man in France or anywhere else.

It had been let to the tragedian Barrett, who was to appear six days after me.

I admire also Sophocles as a tragedian, Polycleitus as a sculptor, and Zeuxis as a painter.

The tragedian, then, idealises, because he starts from within.

At this point, Maxwell, the tragedian from Marlboro, obtained the floor.

The tragedian had just signed a contract to tour South Africa.

He was a universal actor—comedian, tragedian, buffoon—all in one.

She had her own ideas—she eloped with the second tragedian from the theatre over there.

Of course the price of the stock at once fell to nothing, and the tragedian was ruined.

This is propitious to the poet, and above all to the tragedian.