Tragedies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tragedies:

She alone was left, heir to all the memories and tragedies of the house.

Gnatho acts his part in the comedies, but Sycophanta in the tragedies.

The victims of these tragedies deserve all our pity, and sometimes our respect.

To this was added a faint recollection of various French tragedies.

Inns have, from time immemorial, been the scenes of romances and tragedies and crimes.

He was never weary of reading the tragedies and historical plays.

But he would not do for a son-in-law; there would be two tragedies instead of one.

By way of compensation, apparently, we take our tragedies gaily.

I have seen and heard so much of this love of women and of its tragedies.

Perhaps it is that to us it is usually the tragedies that are best remembered.