Tragically [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Tragically:

Coleridge's blossoming period as a romantic poet was tragically brief.

It is an irony that they should so tragically have affected others.

But none of them guessed how tragically it would really end.

"I think the patient's dead already," answered Aleck, tragically.

"Let me embrace you," cries Cecil, tragically, flinging herself into her arms.

The thing I was about to do was tragically destructive—I knew that.

Was the policy, that ended so tragically a year afterwards, adopted at this meeting?

The dying man opened his eyes and looked at Rodwell sadly and tragically.

I shall die,” declared Alexia tragically, “if we have to sew.

“We shall think her lovely in another week,” said Mellicent tragically.