Trail [noun]

Definition of Trail:

path, track

Synonyms of Trail:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trail:


Sentence/Example of Trail:

After all, it was not a simple thing to put Bill Dozier off the trail.

You're a proud man; you've never quit a trail yet before the end of it.

When he got on my trail he knew that I was just a scared kid who thought he'd killed a man.

At least, they would go with caution down his trail after that first check.

But, speakin' personal, this trail looks more and more interestin' to me.

In the meantime someone had picked up the trail to the cliff, and Dozier followed it.

I promise you we'll keep on your trail until we've run you all into the ground.

Every day, as Howkawanda worked out the trail, he marked it with stone and tree-blazes.

Then, just as we thought we had it, the wolf water came and gnawed the trail in two.

The trail found itself under my feet; I was not in the least wearied.