Trailing [adjective]

Definition of Trailing:


Synonyms of Trailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trailing:

Sentence/Example of Trailing:

And Jud, with a stricken look, crossed the floor with trailing feet.

At a second glance Jake noticed that the Horse was trailing the rope.

The wind increased, and in it came by-and-by the trailing skirts of a cloud.

They were trailing a hot scent, a pastime as well as a work that was their life.

He ran on at top speed with Murgatroyd trailing anxiously behind.

The little man moved with bowed head and trailing footsteps.

The Indians, too, apparently had noticed the smoke of No. 11 trailing on the horizon.

I hadn't thought they'd carry their watching and trailing of us so far.

He started off, trailing his bridle reins carelessly in the dust.

The horse and the hat; he thought it was dad he was trailing!