Trained [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Trained:

This trained neutrality of Mrs. Bines served her finely now.

They carry sticks on which to rest the guns, and their horses are trained to stand still.

I trained for six months and then I went as a stop-gap to that office where you saw me.

The man, trained so long in border war, was thoroughly in his element.

If hand-craft is of such worth, boys and girls must be trained in it.

He had been trained a Democrat, and was a powerful worker in that party.

The other girls when they come seem so eager for this life, to which they have long been trained.

The other must be content to remain passenger, and he must be trained to absolute immobility.

He had the trained senses and instincts of the Indian hunter.

Compare them with the stern, orderly array of the trained battalions.