Trainers [noun]

Definition of Trainers:

instructor, teacher

Synonyms of Trainers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trainers:

Sentence/Example of Trainers:

He was Mike Gaynor, a trainer, and more than once Porter had stood his friend.

As he lifted the boy to the saddle, the Trainer whispered a few concise directions.

"They've got to come off," and the Trainer dashed up the steps to the Stewards.

As they moved toward the Secretary's office, Porter was accosted by his trainer.

"She never was better in her life," the Trainer answered, proudly.

I shouldn't like to have horses in that man's stable—he's too good a trainer for me.

He had told his trainer to win, if possible, a race with Lauzanne, and get rid of him.

There was such a tone of doubt in the Trainer's voice that even Mortimer noticed it.

"Must 've bought him for a work horse, I guess," the Trainer answered.

When he got to the Trainer's house he found the latter waiting for him.