Traitorous [adjective]

Definition of Traitorous:


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Sentence/Example of Traitorous:

He felt mean and traitorous, a Benedict Arnold on a small scale.

They were applauding the prisoner's traitorous actions, and welcoming him to Omega.

These men are as foolish as they are traitorous in their cry for the Union as it was.

And, if I remember, he alluded to me as a traitorous tamperer with the Army.

He was accused of making a traitorous remark and dismissed from the service.

But who has a heart so traitorous to humanity as to feed this monster?

Ellery flushed with traitorous rejoicing that Dick was absent.

Who knows, but that some of these traitorous redskins may be still straggling about?

The caress which had been so traitorous grew honest and kind.

He had been offered life, on some traitorous condition, and could have lived.