Traitorously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Traitorously:

The one he attacked so traitorously, whom you drew from his hand, and whom we saved.

They, and such as they, are like mad dogs—cowardly and felon—who traitorously bring to death men better than themselves.

“You are a good deal younger and better looking than father,” urged Maria, traitorously.

England is sleeping on the lap of Dalilah, traitorously chained, but not yet shorn of strength.

Peter de Craon and his accomplices; traitorously and without warning.

Hafiz—Yea, turn traitor to serve a traitor, and after I betray my people, be traitorously killed.

But Curly left them traitorously, almost as soon as they entered the lower end of the street, intent upon plans of his own.

A fort which had served as the capital and seat of Government to the traitorously assumed sovereignty of the North-West.

At last the king was traitorously beheaded in England, and Oliver installed Protector.

There were moments when he traitorously wondered if it might not be better for him to lack a friend with ideals so rigid.