Traitors [noun]

Definition of Traitors:

person who is disloyal

Opposite/Antonyms of Traitors:

Sentence/Example of Traitors:

This was enough to make them traitors in the eyes of the Egyptians.

As for the traitors, let them beware, for my arm is longer than they dream.

Certes, we were traitors when we left our rightful lady for a stranger.

One of its members has declared that "the slave States have no traitors."

But this order has been given to you that the traitors may be enabled to leave the town.

"Very possibly, as the traitors are condemned to exile," replied Tilly.

"Take these traitors over to the Gorm and let me look at their faces," he ordered.

They are all traitors; and will only hurry us the sooner, if we suffer ourselves to be deceived by them, to an ignominious death!

But the Court is a place where the best of friends are traitors.

But apart from "traitors," there are others known to a caricaturist.