Trammeled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Trammeled:

What need have we of these brutal proofs which trammel our liberty?

Reason is confined within none of the partitions which trammel it in life.

I shall not trammel you with any restrictions or annoy you with any advice.

The libraries have not killed sincerity; they have done no more than trammel it.

The most correct method of drawing an ellipse is by means of an instrument termed a trammel, which is shown in Figure 83.

A trammel was found in the solid substance of a tree in Onondaga.

Free-Will and Providence do not trammel each other, but harmoniously co-operate to the same end.

The bar is set with the index at zero, and the trammel is set at the muzzle velocity used in the computation for the shot.

This veto power was a trammel, and an unnecessary restraint on the freedom of legislation.

The National Assembly, sovereign and philosophic, soars above their errors, their trammel; and their example.