Trampling [verb]

Definition of Trampling:

walk forcibly over

Synonyms of Trampling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trampling:








Sentence/Example of Trampling:

“Trampling the violets on your grave,” Gertrude finished for her.

“Trampling on a fellow like that,” grumbled Cyril, rehoisting his load.

Trampling feet were approaching and were heard amongst the rustling leaves.

Trampling and rolling in dust his excellent friend the precursor.

Trampling over one another at once they fled by way of a door at the end of the room, near where they were gathered.

Trampling under foot the rules of modern warfare, we have made war on his women and children.

Is that the idol, traitor, which thou kneel'st to, Trampling upon my beauty?

Trampling on chains and fetters, and the bas-relief on the pedestal represents him relieving prisoners.

Trampling feet assisted by wind and water maintained a plain trail.

“Trampling of horses,” he whispered, as he peered out, the glow upward now lighting the other side of the moat.